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We're looking for people to join our team!

We're looking for people to join our team!

We are recruiting volunteers to join the team...

Cats Protection has over 8,500 volunteers and over 400 staff. Learn more about what we do, what you can do and how we help the local cats by looking through our website and coming along to our events.

Calling all cat lovers, we have been contacted by a lady who needs to rehome her 10 cats due to terrible circumstances she finds herself in and for their own protection!  If there are any local charities that can help us with taking these cats into foster care or can be rehomed I would so grateful if you could contact me - alternatively if you are looking to rehome a cat these cats will be available via our direct homing scheme.  This situation is fairly urgent and timescales are minimal. Thank you so much!

New Twitter account!
Follow us at @CP_CANNOCK_AREA for the latest updates from all of us at the Cannock branch.

Don’t breed problems for later - neuter now!

The UK’s leading feline welfare charity is urging cat owners to neuter their cats as soon as possible saying it is the most effective way of controlling numbers of unwanted cats and kittens.

Cats Protection’s Cannock Area Branch works hard to try and find loving homes for every feline that comes into its care but one of the charity’s main aims is to encourage the neutering of cats and kittens to ensure there will be fewer unwanted felines in the future.

“Neutering offers many solid benefits to cats and owners alike,” explains Louise Hobbs, Cannock Area's Neutering Officer. “A neutered cat is less likely to spray, less likely to roam and also less likely to fight. Neutering also helps guard against disease as fighting cats are more at risk of life-threatening diseases that can be transmitted through biting and saliva.”

The charity believes that population control for cats is very important, as felines are prolific breeders. As one unneutered female cat could produce up to 18 kittens a year, or 20,000 descendants over five years, owners who do not neuter their cats may unwittingly be contributing to more cats being abandoned in the future.

Cannock Area Branch have neutering vouchers avaiable (subject to terms and conditions) that must be utilised prior to 20th december 2013, if you have a cat or kitten who is 12 weeks and over and in good health that needs neutering please contact our Neutering Officer, Louise on 01543 252676 as soon as possible.

Support Cats Protection with your Mobile Phone

Cats Protection is pleased to announce a new partnership with Donate Mobile,
a new mobile phone service committed to helping charities raise vital funds.
Signing up with Donate Mobile means 10% of your monthly phone bill gets donated directly to Cats Protection - at no extra cost to you! You can also specify which branch you wish your money to go to, so follow this link to find out how it works.

Donate Mobile

We're looking for people to join our team!

We are recruiting volunteers to join the team at the new Cannock Area branch.
We’re looking for people with a variety of skills, experience and time for lots of different roles.
We held an information day on Saturday the 14th of September in Hednesford. If you'd like to know more, please follow the links.
Thank you to everyone who came to see us - it was lovely chatting to you all!




Cannock Area Cats Protection has been rescuing, rehoming and educating the people and cats in the area fo many years until 2011 when various reasons meant our volunteers could no longer continue. However, at the beginning of this year we reformed and are once again helping the cats and owners of the area.

Between us we have 33 cats, and 135 years of cat experience!

We also have the full backing of the National Organisation that is the Cats Protection charity.

But, more importantly we have the support and generosity of the lovely people of Cannock and Burntwood.

Thank you for all your support over the years and your continued support going forward.