Direct Homing Scheme

As a small branch we can only take in a limited number of cats and always have a waiting list, due to the branch's small number of fosterers.However the Branch will actively assist anyone needing to rehome their cat and this can be done via our Direct Homing Scheme.

The Direct Homing Scheme allows members of the public to rehome their cats and exposes them to cat lovers who are seriously looking to rehome a cat.We are a small branch and can only take in a limited number of cats and have a substantial waiting list and this scheme is invaluable to the numerous cats looking to be rehomed.
When we launched the Direct Rehoming Scheme in February 2014 this year it was to provide another way for people to rehome their cats whilst they were waiting to come into CP care.

Whilst we have had quite a few successes in rehoming this way we have taken a look at the scheme and made some changes to how we will administer it to ensure we provide the most relevant and effective scheme.
While we cannot claim to accurate knowledge of the Direct Homing Scheme cats, we are here to provide an easily accessible platform which can be used both by people who need to rehome their cats and by people who are ready to rehome. All of the Direct Homing cats will have profiles on our website and facebook page which give short, detailed descriptions and are provided by their current owners.

Going forward we will only put cats on our website and facebook page for 1 month (once all relevant details have been passed to us) and the current owner will have their contact details attached to the cats profile to enable interested parties to make contact directly.

It is the responsibility of the owner to advise us if they have rehomed the cat or if after a month they have still not been rehomed to let us know so we can continue to display them. If we do not hear from the owner after 1 month we will assume the cat has been rehomed and remove their profile from the Direct Homing Scheme.