Direct Homing Brisbane & Neo

Brisbane the Bengal and Neo the Ragdoll

Brisbane is 3-4 years old female Bengal.
She is affectionate, loving and playful and great with children. Although she as access to the garden she is quite content with being indoors so would suit living indoors.

Neo the Ragdoll is 8-9 years old, he is on a lifetime of medication due to arthritis, this costs about £13-£15 every 5 weeks.
He is very loyal and enjoys being indoors also. He is playful, loving and all around lovely cat. He loves a fuss but just not to pet near his hips as that causes him pain.

They can be homed either together or apart but ideally with no other pets or just another cat. If you think you could offer these cats a nice home then please get intouch with the branch on 0845 647 2189