Success Stories

What ever happened to Chivers?

Chivers was found in a plastic bag with 3 of his siblings, in spite of our best efforts he was the only one to survive. He had a battle on his hands He was on hourly feeds, day and night and gained weight very slowly, each time I thought we were getting there, there was another set back and we were back off to see the vet. He had numerous trips to the vet, he got a bad cold and started to dehydrate from the high temperature, he had to have fluid injected under his skin. He had numerous reactions to drugs that were administered to try and help him, he got constipated and at one time he had such a bad reaction to a drug he was unable to walk. I had a little bundle that just kept crying at me, I was in bits its fair to say.

There were the good times when he snuggled and purred, showed an interest in a toy, his favourite was a roly poly cat that had jingling bells and meowed at him. He had a mouse shaped wheat bag that he slept with and a cuddly teddy.

Gradually I was able to start to increase the time between feeds (and grab some quality sleep), slowly I was able to introduce solid foods as he started to lap his food up. At this point he still had the constant shakes, which is how he got his name.

Although he was still small for his age I suddenly had a little bundle of trouble on my hands, he wanted to play, got into mischief and generally racing around doing normal kitteny things, he even started to use his litter box. Was this it,was Chivers finally out of the woods?

Then came the time for Chivers to have is vaccinations at 9 weeks which is quite normal as any responsible cat owner knows. It is important for their long term health and the majority of cats fly through it without any problems. Sadly Chivers was not one of the thousands of cats that do and he had a very bad reaction to the vaccinations which resulted in a high temperature again. He wasn’t eating; he went back to that pitiful crying I had seen as a young kitten so back to the vet we went. He was given more drugs to try and help but he got worse and ended up at the emergency vet at 3.00am as he was unable to stand.

There was nothing we could do we just had to wait and see if his body would sort it all out. The next couple of days were a nightmare! Gradually however the sun shone through and Chivers returned to his fun loving self again. However there was a grey cloud looming, how would we handle the second vaccination? This was a dilemma as of course Chivers needed the best protection possible but he had been through so much with the first round of vaccinations. After further discussion with the vet it was decided that the second set of vaccinations would be split and be administered 48 hours apart, we also looked for a vaccine that was dead and not live and happy days Chivers suffered no after effects.

We had some lovely people phone us and offer a home for Chivers, and some lovely people sent in donations for his care. However after everything that we had been through I realised I couldn’t give him up… Here is a picture of Chivers as he is today and as you can see he is quite a big strong boy who I love to bits....

Gill – Cats Protection