Stella - Success Story From Sarah Timmins

My husband and I decided on getting a new addition to our family in June 09, we had previously adopted a kitten (Daisy) and as she is a indoor cat we thought a play mate for her would help with her excess energy. I emailed Jan and some other volunteers from Cannock and Burntwood CP in the hope of finding the purrrfect friend for Daisy. After a couple of visits to some lovely cats that unfortunately were all unsuitable, I received a email from Jan with details of a cat that sounded just right. I called and arranged a visit for the following week.

Craig and I went and collected 'Pepper' as she was known and bought her straight home to meet Daisy. All we had been told was that she 'was very lively' which she showed within minutes of been home by diving all over the furniture like a spring lamb!

She was very timid and was scared of our hands, attacking us if we got to close and growling like a dog, we wondered what we had let our selves in for and poor Daisy just gave us a look of "what on earth is that?!"

We gave them both their own space and worked on them getting to know each other slowly letting them have 'supervised visits' to each others room and now 3 weeks later they are just friends ... I wouldn't say they are the best of friends but they are getting there.

Stella loves nothing more than sitting and washing Daisy or Craig and now she has calmed down and with lots of gentle coaxing Stella has turned into a loving pamperd puss ... if slightly mad!

Ty and Timmy - brothers

Ty and TimmyTy and Timmy were brothers homed very recently from Cats Protection Cannock and Burntwood branch they have now settled into their new home so much so they rule the roost at the moment.

The brothers have taken a liking to sitting on laptops, Timmy is fascinated by the bath tub and likes to sit in it and Ty likes nothing more than lying in the sun by the patio door.

Another happy ending and complete success for Ty and Timmy!

Mr Binks (Barney) - Hand reared kitten

BarneyMr Binks or Barney as he was first known was hand reared by our fosterer Maureen.

He was born to FIV Parents but Mr Binks' blood test came back negative and now enjoys playing in the outside.You can see in the picture Mr Binks having fun with a frog in the garden.

He is a lovely boy and loves his owners very much who spoil him rotten.

A total success story!

Ozzy - FIV cat

OzzyOzzy was originally adopted by a lady called Susan who went on to live in Australia for a short time. While she was away Ozzy was fostered by Dave in Warwick, family friend of Susan. When Susan returned from Australia Dave had fallen for Ozzy and offered him a permanent home where he is to this day.

Ozzy was diagnosed with FIV (feline HIV) but despite this he lives a happy and fun filled life, he has learnt to use door handles to open doors and loves his spot on the windowsill soaking up the sunshine, another of his favourite activities is running up and down the stairs “like a loony.”

A quote from Susan “Thank you for letting me have Ozzy, even though it was for a short time he is one in a million and such a wonderful cat. He is so loving if a little monster at times. Just hope that seeing Ozzy on the web site encourages other people to take on an FIV cat.”