Lost and found advice

Check all those favourite “hiding places” one more time – in the house, shed, garage, garden etc, and ask neighbours to do the same.

  • Ask people who deliver in the locality ( postman, newspaper deliverers etc) if they have seen the cat
  • Put advert cards in local shops/post office
  • Produce small leaflets & distribute to houses/shops in the local area
  • Put an advert in the “Lost & Found” section of the local paper
  • Contact local vets to see if the cat has been taken in
  • Contact local Animal Rescue Organisations

Contact Us

cannockareacp@gmail.com  Please give details and a photo if possible.

You can contact Petsearch on 01889 586 606

You can also contact www.animalsearchuk.co.uk who are the UK's leading search service for missing pets and are free to use. There is also a YouTube channel which offers advice to people who have lost or found pets. This can be found at www.youtube.com/animalsearch100

Found Cats Advice

If our foster homes are full and we are unable to take the cat into CP care, we will contact other local rescue organisations and branches of CP to see if they can take it. If there is no room available at any rescue centre, we will put the Cat on our “Waiting to come in” list.

We would ask that you feed the cat in the meantime if you are able to - we can provide food ! If it was your cat that had strayed from home, wouldn’t you like to think someone was caring for it during its time away from home?

If the cat is injured or appears unwell, or is a heavily pregnant female – please notify us immediately. The cat will need to be seen by a Vet. If possible, take the cat to your nearest Vet – if you do not have transport, we will arrange for someone to take the cat as soon as possible.

To register your cat lost or you have found one please email cannockareacp@gmail.com giving as much information as you can and a picture if possible.

Please get your cat microchipped
Every cat that comes into our care is scanned, and only 5% of cats are found to have a chip!